1. Display of a Valid FOID/CCL card or A FOID/CCL card holder, over the age of 21 may bring ONE guest without a FOID card, provided the guest is 21 years or older with a valid State Issued ID, the guest must shoot in the same booth as card holder, and card holder must provide firearm and ammunition for the guest. Guest may not pay for use of a gun or ammunition, as per Illinois State law.
  2. Minors/Kids: We will allow individuals 10 years and older to shoot with a parent or legal guardian who has a valid FOID/CCL card.
  3. Non Illinois Residents: Non Illinois Residents may still shoot on our range, provided having own firearm and ammunition.  Only Illinois residents w             with a valid FOID/CCL card are legally able to purchase ammunition in Illinois, and a FOID/CCL card holder may rent a firearm.  A nonresident                 may be a guest of an Illinois FOID/CCL card holder.
  4. Completing reading and signing the indemnification waiver.
  5. All range commands given by Range Safety Officers must be obeyed immediately and without question. Range commands are non-negotiable.
  6. Act responsible at all times. Foul language, any other unsafe activity will not be tolerated. Arguing with Range Safety Officers will result in removal and possible banishment from the facility. Shooters will be held financially responsible for range damage caused by improper or negligent use of a firearm.
  7. No rapid fire or holster draw without certification by NSSC.
  8. All firearms must be holstered(CCL/Law Enforcement) OR cased, Firearms must remain holstered or cased in all common areas EXCEPT when in use on the range. All firearms must be holstered(CCL/Law Enforcement) OR cased in your vehicle and in the parking lot.
  9. All firearm handling is restricted to the confines of shooting booth. The shooting booth is defined as the area between the booth partitions on the range. When removing or securing a firearm from a case/bag, the case/bag must be brought to the confines of the shooting booth to do so.
  10. Firearms may only be tabled unload with the actions open and muzzle pointed downrange.
  11. Firearms must be cased or holstered in this area even if they are just being moved between lanes.
  12. Fire only while a Range Security Office is on duty.
  13. Always keep your finger off the trigger until your firearm is pointed at the target and you are ready to shoot.
  14. Fire only authorized firearms and ammunition. Firearms and ammunition used in the range are subject to inspection at any time.
  15. Use only the correct ammunition designated for your firearm. Armor-piercing/steel core, tracer ammunition, incendiary and explosive ammunition are specifically prohibited. Muzzle Loaders and Black Powder Cartridges are prohibited.  Birdshot and buckshot are prohibited.  Only slugs are approved for use in shotguns.
  16. Fire at authorized targets only. Firing at cans, bottles, etc is strictly prohibited. Ensure that all projectiles impact designated areas and stay within the established Range safety limits.
  17. Only aimed fire is allowed on the range this means firearms must be sighted at eye level. Shooting from the hip is specifically prohibited.
  18. Maximum of two shooters per lane.
  19. Eye and ear protection is required; these items MUST be put on before entering and during the entire use of the range.
  20. No food, drink, gums or tobacco allowed in the range.
  21. Fully automatic firearms are not permitted on the Range unless approved by Range Safety Officer.
  22. If you observe an unsafe condition, report it to a Range Safety Officer immediately.
  23. Rental firearms must use NSSC ammunition.
  24. NSSC provide D-Wipes in every shooting booth. Wash your hands and face with D-Lead Shampoo which is located in the restrooms after leaving the range.




NorthShore Sports Club reserves the right to refuse service to anyone we determine to be acting in a manner of non-compliance with our core value

and posted safe practices.

Patrons must comply to any request by a staff member acting on behalf of NorthShore Sports Club to view their FOID card. Access to the facility can be refused to anyone not in possession of a FOID. Firearm safety starts with you.

Transportation of firearms and transfer of firearms from your vehicle into our facility. Please read your legal obligations on transportation. No one is allowed to walk into the building with an exposed firearm unless acting as an on duty Law Enforcemnet Officer. NorthShore Sports Club reserves the right to refuse service to anyone in violation. 



N.B NSSC does not celebrate mediocrity; participation does not qualify the applicant. Applicant must illustrate consistent proficiency to be granted qualification.


Safety first is the expectation of EVERYONE that uses this facility.

Safe Firearm handling is the first and most important Rule.

The mission of NorthShore Sports Club is to build a foundation of safe practices that our clients will apply to every situation. If this is your first
time to NSSC expect an evaluation prior to using our facility.

All rules are NON-NEGOTIABLE.

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