Special membership and range package pricing is available for our Law Enforcement, active and retired military and other emergency service departments. Please call to discuss details.

All of NorthShore Sports Club's membership packages are customized to fit each client.

Single Membership rate is $4,000 Annually.  Add up to 3 additional people to this membership for $2,000 each.

Corporate Memberships starting with 5 members $3,000 each Member.(At the corporate level membership storage is an additional $500/yr for each locker).

To compliment our range and lounge we have built a commercial kitchen. Chef will provide our members with the hors d'oeuvre of the day as you relax at the bar or by the fireplace.

Membership Packages 

NorthShore Sports Club has created the most unique membership service package in the industry. Our members lounge is large enough to host events yet intimate enough for small get-togethers.

We invite our members to come for the training and stay for the ambiance. 

Annual Range Packages

NorthShore Sports Club has a variety of machine guns available for clients to rent and use in our range, they include AK47, AR's, a Tommy Gun and more.

Machine Gun Rental $70:

- 1 Machine gun AR or AK style ​and just added P90 Tac 

​Ammo is available for purchase.

Learn skills and drills from the warriors themselves. 4,500 Sq, Ft of the Lake Forest facility has been constructed to serve tactical shooting applications. The walls are steel, the over-head baffles are steel and our ballistic containment trap is steel.

Go down range with your instructor and work on 2 gun, 3 Gun, CQB drills, transition drills and more, much more. And like all of our packages this one too is customizable to fit the clients comfort and proficiencies.

Instruction Starting at $100

Skills and Drills

Monthly Payment Now Available

Take advantage of what sets NorthShore Sports Club apart. Members will gain access to their own lounge via secure Biometric locks. Inside the lounge our members are treated to all the comforts of home. We have designed your space to feel warm, comfortable and familiar. For your convenience we have constructed a private and secure storage room complete with biometric readers at the entrance and keyless locks for each members personal locker. Stay to watch a game on one of our six TVs and enjoy refreshments compliments of the house, relax outside on our private patio or read a book by the fire place. Our members have made a commitment to us, and our commitment to them will be clear every time they visit our facility.


all packages are customizable 

rental pricing:


Our members will find their private storage room to be spacious and secure. Large enough to hold a 12 gauge and strong enough to hold your range equipment and ammunition.

Building a community starts with

a place that we can all share.​

From these foundations we can create stability and a set of values that ensure our success and safety. 

NorthShore Sports Club is a place to gather with friends. We hope that you will take full advantage of our facility and all that we have to offer.

Thank you,​                             The Management


Members will enjoy the benefits of:

-Unlimited range time.

-8 Range passes.

-$200 Lounge food credits.

-10% Off ammo purchase.

-Complimentary 4 hour private instructor.

-Complimentary 1 hour basic pistol/rifle training.

-Complimentary fountain drinks & snacks.

-Private personal storage.

-20 Complimentary firearm cleanings.

-Unlimited firearm rentals.

-Unlimited use of the lounge.

-Use of the lounge for private events.

-Priority range access.

-Complimentary machine gun rental.

-Half off/10% fee for consignment sales.

-"Saturday Social Hour" every Saturday 4-7pm in our lounge with complimentary appetizers

-Reservations for range time.

We have all started from the beginning at some point, and muscle memory is subject to atrophy. Beginning something new carries with it emotional hurdles that we have trained our selves to overcome. Couple natural human mechanism with anxiety and intimidation and you are in the perfect mind set to build a solid foundation of understanding and confidence.  

If you are looking for an entry point into the world of shooting or have been away from it too long we encourage you to participate in this flexible package.

Private instruction begins at $100 an hour:

- 30 minutes of class room instruction is suggested to familiarize the student with the fundamentals of safety and the firearm platform.

- 60 minutes of range time and live fire drills with your instructor will  reinforce safety fundamentals and help the student develop comfort and capability with the firearm.

Private Training

NRA certified instructors, Range Safety Officers and Chief RSO's are available for one-on-one coaching.

For $100 an hour our instructors will work with the student 1 on 1 to build fundamentals through a variety of drills that can be practiced and perfected both in the range and at home. If you are looking for a little more; NSSC has accessed our resources to provide coaching from Law Enforcement instructors and military contractors that work with SWAT, NIPAS, NCIS and DHS.These highly qualified firearm instructors will work one-on-one to enhance the capabilities from the:

- Holster

- Rapid Fire

- Low Light

- Move and Shoot

​​​Hourly rate for Pistol, Rifle and Shot gun: $30.00 per lane or Complimentary with membership

$10 for second shooter

Firearm Rental:

Complimentary with membership.

Handgun rentals:​
$20 For Glock, Springfield, Smith and Wesson, and many more
$30 For Sig Sauer Legion collection, Chiappa Rhino, and Hudson H9
$40 For Wilson Combat and Nighthawk Rentals​
$25 Rifle, Complimentary with membership. 
​$10 Suppressor with the use of one of our handguns​​Machine Gun Rental:

Starting at $70

CCL Course:

$300 or customized group rates available.

FFL Transfer:

Call us for any further questions or if you need us to send a copy of our FFL to a manufacturer.Items left for over 90 days will be subject to a storage fee $2 day.
Items abandoned for 180 days will become property of NSSC.

"Laws that forbid the carry of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes." - Thomas Jefferson

service Members

NorthShore Sports Club is now offering Daily and Weekday yearly customized range packages. Our Daily packages are available all week during business hours. Our weekday package is aimed at those that want to avoid the crowds.

Daily Packages $2,000/yr and include:

- Unlimited range time, open daily during business hours

- Unlimited firearm rentals, (excluding machine guns)

Now also available in a monthly payment as low as $125/Month


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