Why Northshore

NorthShore Sports Club has created the most unique membership service packages in the industry. Our member lounge is large enough to host events yet intimate enough for small get-togethers. 

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About The Lounge

Take advantage of what sets NorthShore Sports Club apart. Members will gain access to their own lounge via secure Biometric locks. Inside the lounge our members are treated to all the comforts of home. We have designed your space to feel warm, comfortable and familiar. 

For your convenience we have constructed a private and secure storage room complete with biometric readers at the entrance and keyless locks for each members personal locker. Stay to watch a game on one of our six TVs and enjoy refreshments compliments of the house, relax outside on our private patio or read a book by the fire place. 

About The Range

To compliment other services NorthShore Sports Club also features a 20 lane shooting range.

The range is constructed using concrete filled CMU walls and finished with AR500 steel that is coated with wood,rubber and a noise buffering material. The ballistic containment is a trap mechanism that is made of the same AR500 steel. The ceiling is covered with a baffling system that contains ballistics and pushes them towards the containment trap down range. This same baffling system disperses and decreases internal noise that acts to increase comfort levels within the bullet proof stalls.

Full Membership

  • Unlimited range time
  • Unlimited firearm rentals
  • 8 Range passes
  • 8 Hours of free training
  • $200 Lounge food credits
  • Complimentary 4 hour private instructor
  • Complimentary 1 hour basic pistol/ rifle training
  • Complimentary fountain drinks & snacks
  • Private personal storage
  • 20 Complimentary firearm cleanings
  • Unlimited use of the lounge
  • Use of the lounge for private events
  • Priority range access
  • Complimentary machine gun rental
  • 10% fee for consignment sales
  • 4-7pm in our lounge with complimentary appetizers
  • Reservations for range time.
  • Up to three additional people for $2000 each.
  • Corporate Membership - 5+ Members - $3000 a year per member
$4000/yr  Custom Packages and Monthly Payment Plans Available

Annual Range Packages

NorthShore Sports Club is now offering Daily and Weekday yearly customized range packages. Our Daily packages are available all week during business hours. Our weekday package is aimed at those that want to avoid the crowds.

Daily Packages $2,000/yr and include:

- Unlimited range time, open daily during business hours
- Unlimited firearm rentals, (excluding machine guns)

Now also available in a monthly payment as low as $125/Month

Machine Gun Experience

NorthShore Sports Club has a variety of machine guns available for clients to rent and use in our range, they include AK47, AR's, a Tommy Gun and more.

Members Get Free Access!

Private Training

Learn skills and drills from the warriors themselves. 4,500 Sq, Ft of the Lake Forest facility has been constructed to serve tactical shooting applications. The walls are steel, the over-head baffles are steel and our ballistic containment trap is steel.

Go down range with your instructor and work on 2 gun, 3 Gun, CQB drills, transition drills and more, much more. And like all of our packages this one too is customizable to fit the clients comfort and proficiencies.

Instruction Starting at $100

Four hours of instruction included with membership!

Gunsmithing and FFL Transfers

Whether you need a simple gun cleaning or custom gun work on your rifle or pistol, we have you covered.

Services include:

  • Cleaning $40
  • Sight/scope install $40
  • Sight in +ammo

Custom work $80/hr 1-hour minimum.

If you don't see what you need, email Josh at josh@northshoresportsclub.com.

Special Events for Members

We hold exclusive events for our members NorthShore Sports Club has created the most unique membership service package in the industry. Our members lounge is large enough to host events yet intimate enough for small get-togethers. We invite our members to come for the training and stay for the ambiance. 

​"Laws that forbid the carry of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes."

Thomas Jefferson

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