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NSSC Monthly Fun Shoot


Fourth Friday of the month 6-7 pm 2 gun pistol and carbine competition Bring your pistol and carbine with a holster and sling and have some fun shooting both! 150 rounds for each guns recommended, Ammo can be purchased at NSSC.

Check the date on your CCL

If you are 120 days out, you should be getting your renewal done.

Third Friday of the month 6-7 pm low light/no light shoot for pistol, we have light and laser’s for anyone that wants to try ours! 150 rounds recommended, ammo can be purchased at NSSC.

All students are permitted to supply their own equipment for any of our courses.

However, rental firearms and ammo will be available for purchase at check in.

First Friday of the month 6-7 pm Cold weather pistol CCL shoot.
Shoot with a hoodie or jacket and cold hands to simulate loss of dexterity. Inside the waist band holster is preferred. Round count is 150 rounds recommended Can be purchased at NSSC.

Second Friday of the month 6-7 pm draw from your method of carry fun shoot.
Whether its from a holster inside the waist band, outside the waistband or purse, you can come in and practice to see how it works for you!150 rounds recommended, can be purchased at NSSC.