All students are permitted to supply their own equipment for any of our courses.

However, rental firearms and ammo will be available for purchase at check in.

​​This class will be an intense 3 hour class, We will go over how to take a room or hallway as an individual. You will focus on techniques such as how to pie a corner as well as what to do when you encounter someone. We will use simunition (Force on Force) in the course to give you the most realistic experience as possible!

​​​Get the real experience of shooting your weapon in a controlled training environment, with different scenarios that will test your ability to react to real world situations!

Check the date on your CCL

If you are 120 days out, you should be getting your renewal done.

Group training with elite instructors with many years of special operations training.

Check the date on your CCL.  If it is 120 days out or less, you should be getting your renewal scheduled with one of our experienced instructors.

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Come join the Locked and Loaded Ladies, every Tuesday Night, where you can shoot steel, draw from your method of carry, participate in competition style/shooting obstacles, and more!  Afterwards, wind down with complimentary food and drinks in the lounge.

Can't make a class due to hectic schedules?  Did you know that we offer Private Concealed Carry classes. We can even come out to your business or home to conduct the training!

​​NSSC is the only range in the area that has steel available anytime! Shooting steel gives instant feedback and increases the challenge when the targets start to move. Monday - Friday

NorthShore Sports Club has established itself as the Premier Concealed Carry course, in Illinois*. Based on the USCCA approved curriculum, NSSC's focus is to strengthen shooter's competency from additional time on the range plus live fire drills/exercises that build muscle memory and confidence.

You asked for it and here it is! Our first basic long range shooting class of the year with a a Former Navy SEAL Sniper school Instructor!  If you have always wanted to learn how to shoot long range, this is your chance. 


In our class, taught by Lake Bluff Fire Fighters, you will learn when and how to apply a tourniquet, what to do for a sucking chest wound and more. You will learn valuable skills that are often overlooked and unappreciated until you need them.

Cold weather pistol CCL shoot, draw from your method of carry, low light/no light shoot for pistol, pistol and carbine competitions, and more...

Private training with elite instructors with many years of special operations training.

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