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We all train to defend ourselves, something that is often over looked is what happens when you or a loved one is shot/injured? Do you know what to do, Are you prepared for such a situation? NorthShore is here to put you on the right training path to set you up for success. In our class you will learn when and how to apply a tourniquet. What to do for a sucking chest wound and many other things. You will learn valuable skills that are often overlooked and unappreciated until you need them.

Class price without trauma kit $150

Class Price with trauma kit included $200, $249.99 value

Price of trauma kit if bought separately is $99+tax. kit includes Latex gloves, 2 tourniquets, compressed gauze, 2 vented chest seals, nasopharyngeal airway, emergency trauma bandage, trauma shears and a compact case with molle to carry it all. All sales are final

All students are permitted to supply their own equipment for any of our courses.

However, rental firearms and ammo will be available for purchase at check in.

Check the date on your CCL

If you are 120 days out, you should be getting your renewal done.

Basic Trauma Class

Taught by Lake Bluff Fire Fighters