About North Shore Sports Club

NorthShore Sports Club is owned and operated by NorthShore families.

A majority of the construction will be completed by local businesses and we intend to market our facility to our community.

At the heart of our philosophy is our responsibility to our community and the development of trust. Supporting local business is just the first step to developing this trust and credibility within our community. We all have a responsibility to serve the community we have chosen to live and raise our children in. A safe home is a foundation for everything.

Before we formed NSSC and started this journey we had to ask our selves one important question, WHY? 

This is the same Socratic Method and process any small business owner goes through and the answer is always the same: DEMAND?

NorthShore Sports Club was established due to an existing and prolific demand for our services. The Second Amendment "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed," has given all law abiding people the ability to own firearms... but what then?

When polling our community we found that over fifty thousand homes, in a twelve mile radius, owned at least one firearm. We also discovered it was convenience that prevented these same people in our community from training and educating themselves to safely use, clean, and store their firearms. But is convenience enough?

Another pillar of our philosophy is a social conscience. Being convenient is good, but being relevant is better. Offering not only a facility to train and educate those in our community, but also those that have sworn to protect our communities.

28392 N. Ballard Dr. Lake Forest IL, 60045

(847) 984-2283

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Our Mission


NorthShore Sports Club was created to break the mold of tradition. We believe by providing a safe, friendly and comfortable environment our clients will train, become more proficient, and ultimately increase awareness and safety.

Commitment to Community

NorthShore Sports Club is primarily a Club. We have created a venue to gather like minded enthusiasts with an understanding of the need to train. We have hired the very best instructors in the industry and provided the highest quality range systems available.

Social Conscience 

Our Military and law enforcement agencies need our support.

Every day thousands of our military are attempting to transition from service to civilian life. NSSC has created a platform for civilian employment for our troops and a chance to network with the corporate decision makers that live in our communities.

Our Law Enforcement agencies have become targets to the agenda of the media. It is a heart breaking reality that they are also targeted by misguided individuals; they seem to blame those that have chosen to protect us. When building our facility it was with our Law Enforcement in mind, and giving them the means to increase capabilities making them a little safer while serving our community.

Our Team

NorthShore Sports Club is driven by our members. We succeed by taking ownership and maintaining client expectations and treating our clients with respect and appreciation. This is your club, we are here to keep everyone safe and moving forward in whatever they pursue.

Thank you for allowing NorthShore Sports Club to be a part of this community and us a part of your life.

Range construction and training facility.

To complement other services NorthShore Sports Club will also feature a 20 lane shooting range. The range is constructed using concrete-filled CMU walls and finished with AR500 steel that is coated with wood, rubber, and a noise buffering material. The ballistic containment is a trap mechanism that is made of the same AR500 steel. The ceiling is covered with a baffling system that contains ballistics and pushes them towards the containment trap downrange. This same baffling system disperses and decreases internal noise that acts to increase comfort levels within the bulletproof stalls.