This course will develop a solid foundation of shooting skills for any level of shooter. Even experienced shooters will find this course the ideal  first step into professional handgun training as it will establish those skills required for more advanced training. NSSC instructors will provide each student with instruction to employ the handgun safely and effectively. On-range exercises will challenge the students with a variety of shooting situations to reinforce the leaned skills through divers application.

Advanced Rifle

For competition and tactical shooters looking to expand their skills even further, NSSC's Advanced  Handgun improve the marksmanship and pistol handling skills of experienced law enforcement and military pistol shooters, or IPSC/IDPA /USPSA competitors. Students quickly develop advanced handgun manipulation skills so the shooter can more effectively employ their handgun under stress. Whether the goal is practical shooting competition or actual tactical employment, the course focus is on development of advanced handgun shooting skills such as speed shooting, long-range accuracy, draw and engagement, tactical reloads, shooting while moving, etc. Most importantly, considerable emphasis is placed on constructive practice and how to evaluate and track your own skill level.

basic pistol

Basic Rifle is an introduction to long gun shooting. Students will learn about nomenclature, disassembly / reassembly, mechanical operation, care, cleaning, preventive maintenance, zeroing iron sights, shooting positions and clearing malfunctions.

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."-George Washington

Mindset training

We are unable to offer this course to civilians. Students should expect to be challenged both physically and mentally. By the end of the course they will be proficient exchanging from primary to secondary in a force on force environment. They will have control over the fundamentals of team movement and communication. They will have a command over the fundamentals of Mobile Force Protection and Hostile Environment Awareness as well as many other skills.

Self defense 

N.B NSSC does not celebrate mediocrity; participation does not qualify the applicant. Applicant must illustrate consistent proficiency to be granted qualification.


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Advanced Tactical

The human brain is an engineering marvel, with an internal dialogue capable of 520 words per minute, that can work for or against you. In times of mental and physical fatigue those words are the deference between success and failure, winning or losing and survival. Training yourself to achieve control of this internal dialogue is a skill that can be taught. The will to win is as instinctual as the will to survive.


Advanced Pistol


Beyond the training


Basic Rifle
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NorthShore Sports Club's mission is to bring back core fundamentals to firearms handling, safety, marksmanship and personal defense.  These core fundamentals are developed through proper training, repetition, consistent firearm manipulation and realistic environment scenarios. Coupling the fundamentals of firearms training with our unique mindset development will better equip the student to evaluate and respond to potential life threatening situations.

Situational awareness is at the heart of our training philosophy. Entering a room with focus and clarity to better evaluate potential threats; moving from threat evaluation to exit strategy will better assist our students in avoiding danger rather than reacting to it.

Training will build confidence, repetition will develop muscle memory and your mind will do the rest. If you move with a purpose, display focus and awareness to your surroundings you will be less likely targeted. 

Our instructors are certified and highly trained former military and/or law enforcement.  NSSC offers a wide variety of firearm tactical instruction from basic pistol fundamentals to advanced tactical firearm manipulation.  Being combat effective means having the proper tools available and being able to deploy them in an effective threat eliminating manner to have the greatest survivability rate. Owning a firearm doesn't guarantee your safety.

Avoiding conflict and deescalation training is all part of NSSC's mindset initiative. Distinguishing the difference between a burglar and a home invasion, a theft and a robbery will help prevent unnecessary injury and lose of life.

Our instructors also have the capability of training our student in other non lethal and less lethal methods of defense and offense.

Whatever your training need, be it self defense, education, physical and mental fitness or advanced tactical training NSSC has the solution.

This course is open to those that have completed our Basic Rifle qualification and or an equivalent training. In the course the student will learn more complex shooting positions, shooting on the move, shooting from cover or concealment, tactical reloads and more.

Reserved for the Law Enforcement with an aim of enhancing their capabilities. We have reserved the right to make this available to certain civilian students at the will of the instructor. This course will take the students through unprecedented situational shooting. It will test the students capabilities and resolve under a controlled stress environment.

The student will be expected to have solid fundamentals and the ability to handle physical and mental fatigue.