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28392 N. Ballard Dr. Lake Forest IL, 60045

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​Join us for a very special night with the folks from WILSON COMBAT. If you have ever considered adding a WILSON COMBAT to your collection this is not the event miss. More information to come, but put it in your calendar.

March 24th 3PM to 7PM

March 27th 6PM to 7PM

March 17th 5:30PM to 6:30PM


The High-Performance Mindset.

The US. Navy SEAL methods for training and readiness in high-consequence environments.

Purpose and Commitment

  • Learn how to cut through the fog and the complexity of life by identifying professional and personal values and priorities.
  • Determine your desired end-state and build a road map to get there.

Preparation and Training

  • Understand how a mastery of training fundamentals increases your "tactical bandwidth" in high-stress environments.
  • Understanding the importance of emotional regulation and arousal control.

After Action Review

  • Understand the importance of learning critical analysis and self-assessment in building performance.

The High-Performance Mindset Translated to Other Areas

  • Learn how Purpose, Preparation, and AAR can be used to develop and lead High-performance teams and organizations.

N.B NSSC does not celebrate mediocrity; participation does not qualify the applicant. Applicant must illustrate consistent proficiency to be granted qualification.

March 24th 9AM to 6PM

The human brain is an engineering marvel, with an internal dialogue capable of 520 words per minute, that can work for or against you. In times of mental and physical fatigue those words are the deference between success and failure, winning or losing and survival. Training yourself to achieve control of this internal dialogue is a skill that can be taught. The will to win is as instinctual as the will to survive.


Calendar of Events

Force on Force


Phase 2


Available for Phase 1 graduates with an aim of enhancing their capabilities. We have reserved the right to pre-qualify certain civilian students at the will of the instructor. This course will compliment the phase 1 training.

The main focus is drawing from an outside the waistband holster, this class will be necessary for more advanced classes. You learn how to quickly and safely pull your weapon from a holster while maintaining strict finger discipline.

  • The dos an don'ts of drawing from a holster
  • Stance
  • Finger discipline
  • Eliminating certain actions that do not give you an advantage. 


NorthShore Sports Club has established its self as the Premier Conceal Carry course in Illinois. Based on the USCCA approved curriculum, NSSC focus is to core competency from additional time on the range drilling live fire exercises that build muscle memory and confidence.
Call to reserve your spot 847.984.2283


$300 16 hour course 

Lunch will be included from The Knighthawk Bistro

Rifle Maintenance 

1 hour

Join us at NSSC as we host a 1 hour AR rifle maintenance class.

Spend an hour with one of our AR Armors and learn the tricks of the trade. This class will give you the confidence to safely maintain and upgrade your weapon system, maximizing accuracy and reliability.

March 17th/18th 9AM to 5PM

Advanced Pistol

Phase 1 


3 Hours

300 rounds

This course will develop a solid foundation of shooting skills for any level of shooter. Even experienced shooters will find this course the ideal  first step into professional handgun training as it will establish those skills required for more advanced training. NSSC instructors will provide each student with instruction to employ the handgun safely and effectively. On-range exercises will challenge the students with a variety of shooting situations to reinforce the leaned skills through divers application.

​ Introduction to firearms classroom topics 3 hour class

Reality-based training without real world consequences.

To be the best, you have to train with the best. Previously only available to military, law enforcement, security personnel, now they are at NorthShore Sports Club available to civilians, enabling better preparation to accomplish their mission.
Firearm conversions cycle semi-automatic and automatic weapons at a normal rate of fire with live fire realism. Our munitions’ patented dual primer technology maximizes reliability and accuracy with every fired round.


April 6th & 7th 9AM to 5PM

basic pistol

Range Safety Officer (RSO) 


​Range Safety Officer candidates will learn roles and responsibilities of an RSO; Range Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); range inspection; range rules; range briefings; emergency procedures; and firearm stoppages and malfunctions. Each Range Safety Officer Candidate will receive an RSO Student Study Guide, a Basic Firearm Training Program brochure, an NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure and a Course Evaluation form. Contact the instructor if you have questions.

March 17th 3PM to 8PM

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."-George Washington

Mindset training

March 25th 3PM to 7PM

  • Type your paragraRange/firearm safety

  • grip

  • Sight alignment and sight picture

  • Stance

  • Trigger pull

  • Trigger reset

Perfect for new shooters, this will incorporate both range time and class room time. We will teach you weapons safety and the basics of weapon fundamentals. We will focus on making you a better/safer shooter while reinforcing proper shooting techniques.
​ph here.

Carry Conceal
wilson combat event