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28392 N. Ballard Dr. Lake Forest IL, 60045

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Rental Prices:​

Hand Gun, Rifle and Shotgun available:

Range Rental:

$30/Hour $10 additional shooter or Complimentary with membership. 

Machine Gun Rental:

Starting at $70

CCL Course:

$300 or customized group rates available.

FFL Transfers:


​Call us for any further questions or if you need us to send a copy of our FFL to a manufacturer.

Take advantage of what sets NSSC apart. Members will gain access to their own lounge via biometric locks. Inside the lounge our members are treated to all the comforts of home. We have designed your space to feel warm, comfortable, and familiar.

N.B NSSC does not celebrate mediocrity; participation does not qualify the applicant. Applicant must illustrate consistent proficiency to be granted qualification.


9AM to 9PM


Lake Forest's First Air-Conditioned Shooting Range

At NSSC, we share a common philosophy: repetition builds confidence and confidence builds strength. We believe in controlling what can be controlled, and training for contingencies.  A prepared mind can evaluated with more clarity, adapt more efficiently, and overcome with resolute confidence.

NSSC is redefining the sports shooting experience. We have the most unique indoor range and training facility in Illinois. 

​By focusing on education and safety we are able to create a relaxed club environment to foster confidence and community.

Hours of Operations

Our Updates:

Competition this Sunday

Please view our calendar for details. Shooting comps, Carry Conceal, training dates and steel targets are all part of this month.

Come in and receive free fountain drinks on the weekend.



To compliment what has proven to be the most advanced equipment available, NSSC also has the most experienced Safety Officers, Trainers and Instructors available.




Carry Conceal 

 Please check the calendar orcall for details.



Free soda and Disposable face mask with purchase!

We appreciate and respect the work of our Law Enforcement agencies. When we designed our NSSC, it was with our officers in mind. We believe, if given every advantage and opportunity to train and hone their skills, our officers and our communities will be safer.

Check the date on your CCL

If you are 120 days out, you should be getting your renewal done.

As "PART OF PHASE 3 OF RESTORE ILLINOIS PLAN", Knighthawk Bistro will reopen the take-out and dine in(outdoor only) on 5/29/2020 with the following guidelines.
Outdoor Dining

All customers please enter through the front entrance where is cover with our Thermal Imaging Fever Screening System, anyone with the temperature over 100.4 will have to come back at another time.
Distance of 6-ft between designated customer tables and and parties must be 6 persons or fewer.
We offer disposable silverware, plates, cups and menus.
Alcohol based hand sanitizer will be provided on every table.
Customers should handle their leftover food to be taken to-go.
Customers should wear face coverings while on premises, except while eating and drinking at table.

We encourage our customers to place the order online at https://knighthawkburgers.com/.
Customers can also place the order in store with our kiosk by the kitchen window.
Customers should wear face coverings while on premises.
Please pick up your food by our bar, your name and order number will be on the package.

COVID-19 Precautions

  • All employees are required to wear masks and gloves.
  • Knighthawk Burger Bistro is completely closed until further notice. Restaurant staff are working as the additional cleaning staff.
  • We take the temperatures of all employees on a daily basis. We have been offering paid sick leave for all full time employees.
  • No more than 10 shooters allowed in the same range. Each range is about 3300 square feet with constant airflow downrange.
  • Limited ammo sales are only available for customers who use the range or purchase firearms due to the ammo shortage.
  • We ask that all customers try their best to stay six feet from others when in our retail space. Customers might be asked to wait outside and remain socially distanced from one another when it is necessary.
  • WE temporarily stopped Eyes & Ears Protection rental to prevent cross-contamination. Please buy or bring your own.

Have you ever wanted to get behind a fully automatic weapon? We have several firearms available to rent that will more than satisfy this desire.

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

​- Ben Franklin